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Top Up promo

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  • 1-baht top-up code "W3OCT1BAHT" for 9-baht discount (Minimum 10-baht top-up, 150 codes/day)
  • 9-baht top-up code "W3OCT19BAHT" for 31-baht discount (Minimum 50-baht top-up, 75 codes/day)
  • 49-baht top-up code "W3OCT49BAHT" for 51-baht discount (Minimum 100-baht top-up, 50 codes/day)

Other codes for you:

  • 15% off code "W3OCT15OFF" for up to 200-baht discount (No minimum spend, 200 codes/day)
  • 10% off code "W3OCT10OFF" for up to 250-baht discount (No minimum spend, 300 codes/day)


  • The customer is eligible to receive Gaming Nation Coin and dtac reward privileges.
  • The code is limited for 1 code/customer/campaign or until the campaign ends or while the codes last (The customer will be notified prior to checkout.)
  • The code expiry date and other details are available at the coupon.
  • The codes are applicable to any games on Featured Games section.
  • The promotion period is 18 -24 October 2021.