Top Up promo

Super Sale Payday! Top up games non-stop up to 70% discount only 3 days.

dtac Gamers
  • 70% off up to 70 baht. Apply code ANN70 (limited 100 codes per day)*
  • 12% off up to 400 baht. Apply code ANN12 (limited 300 codes per day)*
All Network Gamers
  • 6% off up to 400 baht. Apply code ANNALL (limited 500 codes per day)**
How to Top-up
  1. Register or Login
  2. Select the package to top-up
  3. Input your game ID
  4. Apply the discount code and choose your payment method
  5. Done! The value is now credited to your account!
Code Usage Remarks:

*Codes for dtac gamers can only be used with Pay via dtac payment and applicable for all games except Voucher games.

**Code for all network gamers can be used with all payment channels and applicable for all games including Voucher games.

  • The promotion period is 28-30 June 2022
  • The customer is eligible to receive Gaming Nation Coin and dtac reward privileges.
  • The code is limited for 1 code/customer/campaign or until the campaign ends or while the codes last (The customer will be notified prior to checkout.)
  • The code will be issued during specific time on a daily basis.